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“This isn’t a place where anyone should feel stupid because they’re not up to date on the latest thing . . .”
This is a site geared to guys (and gals) like me who are returning to rock & roll music after a prolonged hiatus. We had fun (maybe even made some money) playing out and recording back in the day, but gave it up for school, work, and family. Now, we’re coming back, and while there’s information at our fingertips like never before, it’s also harder than ever to sort out what’s worthwhile and what’s a waste of time and money. Most of us aren’t experts and none of us know it all. By creating a community, we can share experiences and help each other have fun with music at whatever level fits our current lives. This isn’t a place where anyone should feel stupid because they’re not up to date on the latest thing or don’t have the talent to be a working musician or recording engineer. And I suspect that lots of things we discuss will be relevant for younger players too. We’re an open forum here. All are welcome.

Bass Guitar in Action

Bass Guitar in Action (c) Theta via Stock Xchange

Register for the Rockers Forum by using the registration form in the sidebar, and join the discussion. It’s free! (If you don’t see the form in the sidebar, you are already registered.) You’ll end up on the Rockers Forum page. Introduce yourself and your band in the “Who Are You?” discussion. Take a look at the topics in the playing, recording, and gear discussions. Join in by clicking reply.  Or click “New Topic” to start a new discussion. Don’t worry about whether your thoughts are relevant or important. Our motto is “close enough for rock ‘n roll!”

Someday soon, we hope, the Rockers Forum will become the heart of this site. As a member you can post about your experiences, ask questions, tell stories, review equipment, provide advice, publicize your latest gig or commiserate about your latest recording session.
Communities take time to grow. So be patient. Right now, you can already find a wealth of information on the site. Our Buyers’ Guide section is growing every day. There are links to real bargains as well as high quality guitars and amps that are available right now. Pages provide links to the websites of the leading instrument manufacturers and have video demonstrations of great gear. Sure, you could search for these on Youtube. But we’ve gathered them into one place and included only what struck us as the most informative. As we get started, we’re including what we wish we had been able to find on other sites, but couldn’t. At least not in one place. Let us know what you’d like to see on this site, and we’ll include it.

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