Modulation Effects

Modulation effects are, let’s face it, gimmicks that most of us won’t use all the time. Circa 1982, I needed a gimmick and found one that worked for me in the MXR Micro Flanger. (I actually found it a few months ago; powers up but no sound). You are likely to care more about Keith Richards, who made extensive use of phasers and other effects. His use of it on Some Girls classics like Shattered and Beast of Burden (at least live) are etched in my memory. I’m sure that there are lots of others. Here’s an informative demonstration of the Strymon Mobius Modulation Box that includes a wide range of familiar and exotic modulations. Skip to 5:45 if you want to hear the effects. Most of these boxes have similar controls, however, so the explanation of the controls is likely to be useful for any modulation stomp box you might buy.
For pricing and other useful information, check out modulation effects ZZounds Buyers Guide. Phasers Flangers Chorus

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The Innocent By Standers - Memorial Day 2013

The Innocent By Standers - Memorial Day 2013

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