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The Granddaddy of All Stomp Boxes
OCD Hope FilterThis class of pedals was created to emulate the sound of an overdriven tube amplifier. Plugging enough gain into an old amp, early electric guitarists discovered, would cause the sound to break up. But often, the resulting distortion created a very pleasing tone. Modern analog and digital techniques have opened a array of possibilities that go far beyond the original goal of emulating an overdriven amp. The subtle variations are endless, as are the unique shapes and designs that developers incorporate into these boxes. These buttons like to pages that have video demonstrations of some of the best pedals. If you want to check out pricing, we recommend ZZounds for their wide selection and informative website.
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The Innocent By Standers - Memorial Day 2013

The Innocent By Standers - Memorial Day 2013

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RecordingReview is a great forum with tons of information about home recording and a great section called "Bash this Recording" where you can post your songs for comment by forum members.  Don't worry. DSCF5338This forum has a culture of supportive constructive comments. You will need to critique a few other members songs, however, before you can post your own.  The "Killer Home Recording" series, available for sale, is a multi-chapter "how to" guide useful to beginners and intermediate home recorders alike.