Hired Gun - Movie

Hired Gun - Movie

Postby parkinlot » Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:49 pm

Saw the movie Hired Gun on Thursday night. I really enjoyed it. It is about musicians who are hired guns for such acts as Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, White Snake etc. Yes it was mostly heavy metal but there were some other musical styles representative. For some reason the director/producer seemed to focus on Billy Joel's original backing band. I have never been a big Billy Joel fan but this movie really made him look like an a-hole. In the beginning he was very loyal to his original band even bypassing the opportunity to record with George Martin who wanted to use studio musicians. According to the backup band things changed after BJ realized that he was ripped off by his management company and then it all became about him. He fired the bass player and guitar player and kept the drummer Liberty DeVitto. The bass player, Doug Stegmeyer wound up committing suicide. He fired Liberty because he asked for a raise. These guys grew up together.

In my mind the greatest Hired Gun moment was when Brad Gillis stepped in for Randy Rhodes, 10 days after Rhodes' death. They decided to keep touring so Ozzy wouldn't kill himself with drugs and alcohol. Randy Rhodes was so unique at the time. Gillis had to learn all the songs and play like Randy. When they played the audience hated him. They threw things at him held up posters of Randy, cursed at him, gave him the finger etc. He said that he understood but it really took a toll on him. He knew he just had to do the best he could. Props to Brad - who went on to some fame wiith Night Ranger.

To me Eric singer is the luckiest Hired Gun. He has played in 3 of my favorite bands - KISS - Alice Cooper & Black Sabbath.

I advise you check the movie out...


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Re: Hired Gun - Movie

Postby semeraro » Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:24 pm

Very cool. I hadn't heard about this movie. Thanks for posting.

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