Worst Guitar Solo's in Reasonably Famous Rock Songs

Worst Guitar Solo's in Reasonably Famous Rock Songs

Postby semeraro » Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:49 pm

Saw this question on Quora. Here's the answer that was posted. What do you think? https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-worst-guitar-solo-in-rock-music/answer/Rick-Thorne-3

"Grand Funk Railroad, “The Locomotion”. Guitarist, Mark Farner. It can easily be said that Farner is one of the least impressive well-known lead guitarists of all time. What could be worse than his worst solo? It’s a sloppy quarter note job enhanced (if that’s the right term) by some effects that make him sound like he’s wrestling with the guitar between phrases rather than playing it.

Pat Benatar, “Shadows of the Night”. Guitarist, Neil Giraldo. Giraldo did some very thoughtful solos with Benatar. I loved his gliding, pensive solo in “I’m Gonna Follow You”. He never was a “chops” guy to be sure, but beautifully melodic solos are works of art no matter how fast they’re played. But his work in SotN - egads, what an atonal, whole note muck pile. Did he rehearse at all before playing it? Did he have headphones on while he played it over the rhythm tracks? It was a sluggish, droning mess in an otherwise epic song.

Donald Fagen, “Snowbound”. Guitarist, Walter Becker. Becker’s an interesting cat. He’s obviously a huge influence on pop music given his position as 50% of the Steely Dan songwriting force, but after years of listening to Dan I’m less and less impressed with his guitar work (that’s especially true after seeing them live a few times). Some are better than others, but there’s something I genuinely dislike about every Becker solo. His solo in the otherwise excellent and insanely innovative Fagen Kamakiri solo album (which Becker produced, BTW…) song “Snowbound” is one of the most shamefully lazy and soulless guitar solos ever. He does a few nice vignettes throughout the song, but his long solo at the end of the song is an atrocity. If you have the patience to listen to it all the way to the end, you’ll hear the drummer sort of give up at the end, banging a “oh - were you done with that solo, sleepy boy” fill to close it."

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