Alexx Mack & EXES

Alexx Mack & EXES

Postby semeraro » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:19 pm

Florida-raised, LA-based singer/songwriter Alexx Mack recently released a new single “Your Car" in collaboration with LA dream-pop duo EXES. Saying that I love this song is saying too little. Even the cover art is perfect. Reminiscent of Candy-O, I wonder if she thought of The Cars when she picked it. The song starts off with piano chords and the sounds of crickets and . . . screeching, no that's not quite right. The sultry vocal comes on like a dream with a synthetic base beat and an opening lyric more evocative than I can remember. And I can remember, well, let's just say, a lot. "There's something about this new taste. The kind that makes your heart race." And I'm 18 again, parked in the woods in the backseat with my girl. But this is so much more than a make out song. Mack rhymes "race" with "break." She can "feel you runnin' cause you know were onto something. Still you tell me you feel nothin." It's hard for me to resist just writing out all the lyrics the way I did in class in high school when those lyrics seemed to mean so much. It's the kind of song that really takes you back to those feelings that now seem quite trite. But they didn't then, and it's hard to conjure the power of something that really seemed to matter in a song. Mack does it here. "Can we drive in your car?" Ask me, ask me.

You can hear the song on Spotify here;

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