Pedals, Stomp Boxes, Multi-effects & Wah Wahs
Pedal Board editThey aren’t for everybody, and I admit to using them less often than I think I will when I buy them. But there is no denying that they carry a certain mystic. One of the classic overdrive pedals is called the Klon Centaur, after all. It’s the idea of normal guitar signal going in one end and magic coming out the other that has an undeniable coolness factor.There are scores of small manufacturers throughout the world, each with its own personality (and price point).  Luckily, the robust used trade on e-Bay enables us to try, if not literally everything, more than we could ever really need.  The options for guitarists and bassists today are simply mind-blowing.  We’ll try to make some sense of it here.


Compressors Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz Modulation Effects Delays/Reverbs  Multi-effects Wah-Wahs

JustNick does the best pedal demonstrations on YouTube. He gets that it’s not just about the sound. Check out his musings on the color blue, and more seriously the full aesthetic of effect pedals at 5:22.


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