Acknowledging Free Plugins and Other Services Used on This Site

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Webites like MiddleAgeRocker would not be possible without all of the service providers, programers, and developers who make their products and services available for free or for very low cost.  On this page, I want to thank all of those who helped me with this site.

Robert62 – The source for Mingle Forum right now and a WordPress expert who always seems to be on-line and ready to help.  You can find him moderating the support forms here.
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Stock Xchange – amazing source of free images that can be used even on commercial websites.

Tyler Moore – His Youtube videos on how to build a website are very well done.

wpSculptor – Another great Youtube site builder video covering some things not covered by Tyler Moore – excellent free textured backgrounds – free photo editor.

Clearance – Blowouts, Discontinued, Open Box, Returns!

Free Plugins that enable someone with no programing or coding experience to easily add custom features to a WordPress cite:

Background Manager – allows you to use a different background on particular pages.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget – add page editing functionality to a widget.

Caption Pix – add captions to your pictures.

Contact Form 7 – set up a form for site users to contact you through your e-mail.

Duplicate Widget – a simple plugin that copies any widget so that you can use it on other areas on your site.

Mingle Forum – easy setup of a forum/community on your site.

Revolution Ajax Page Loader – loads images quickly and efficiently.

Shortcodes Ultimate – wonderful plug-in that enables you to create buttons, pull quotes, teasers, and lots of other cool features in seconds.

Slick Social Share Buttons – is a sleek system for providing users an easy mechanism for sharing your site content on social media.  It provides a single positional and floating button that when clicked reveals an extensive list of social media options.

Solliloquy – create amazing sliders in minutes; a light version is free, but I use a lot of sliders with video on the site, so I purchased the premium version.  Very reasonable.

Theme My Login – blends your login and registration pages with your theme and provides tons of customizing features such as directing viewers who register to a particular page and customizing your acknowledgment e-mails.

WP Slimstat – provides information on who is visiting your site.Clearance – Blowouts, Discontinued, Open Box, Returns!

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The Innocent By Standers - Memorial Day 2013

The Innocent By Standers - Memorial Day 2013

Introduce yourself and your band in the Who Are You? forum and add pictures.  We'll put them up in the Rocker's Gallery.

Our Favorite Recording Site

RecordingReview is a great forum with tons of information about home recording and a great section called "Bash this Recording" where you can post your songs for comment by forum members.  Don't worry. DSCF5338This forum has a culture of supportive constructive comments. You will need to critique a few other members songs, however, before you can post your own.  The "Killer Home Recording" series, available for sale, is a multi-chapter "how to" guide useful to beginners and intermediate home recorders alike.